Monthly Marketing Happenings + a Little Woo for a Change

Those of you who have been around awhile will not be surprised by the last part of that subject line. For years I sprinkled in the non-physical side of my life and highlighted the mentors from afar that I follow and how they’ve impacted me. I’ve always honored my intuition – in work and life – and feel pulled more into that space every day.

Rest easy if this isn’t your thing; it’s not taking over center stage. But in our quest to stand out, to be seen and heard, I believe it’s a good idea to tap into what makes you uniquely you on the soul side as well as the 3-D you side.

Back to the as-promised marketing content from around the web.

As always, there is at least one Social Media post, starting with this one from MeetEdgar, a social media content management application. It’s not the one I use and that’s a money thing. It’s more than I care to invest at this point but they post great tips and strategy content, and this one gives you a behind-the-scenes look at their Facebook live experiment and how to make the most of that tactic.

Email marketing is still the #1 way to increase engagement and sales.

Most of you reading this have a list that you communicate with. And though you spend time and mental energy, aka anguish, writing what you think is important content you may not get the open rates you think you deserve.

This article on by Forbes staffers has a short list of 5 ways to increase open rates.

Tired of the same old lead magnet?

Quizzes and assessments are Hot! Interactive is where it’s at and this article from CopyHackers is a tell-all on why, how, and what options there are for creating them. I’m using a platform they didn’t mention called Interact.

Next week I’ll be offering you a chance to take my new quiz and give me feedback, and tell you why I went with them. This is not a short how-to blog post, rather it’s a comprehensive guide to creating a great quiz, which comes after the data proving that it’s worth it. I have it printed out as I work through creating mine.

And now for the Woo.

Caroline Myss is known to some of you I’m sure. If not, and you value an intelligent contribution to the conversation of all things spiritual both far out and more mainstream, then I recommend Caroline. Her sense of humor is razor sharp and she is no BS when it comes to personal responsibility. She has been hosting a series called Reflections for years. The context is living in the world with spirit, mysticism, healing, archetypes and more of those kinds of subjects. As part of the marketing to promote her offer to buy access to all of these live classes, she’s been offering the first session of the a few of the multi-session courses. This one titled Pebbles in the Well, is about getting to know your spirit, its voice, your spiritual needs, and more.

After reading most of her books and listening to hours of her recorded teachings I still have room for more. I hope those of you who make spirit an intentional part of your day enjoy this. Let me know.

I mentioned last week that I was going to do a manifesto webinar and that’s true. Then I thought I’d move it back to do one on sales. You know, that thing that keeps the lights on, the thing that everyone has to master to stay in business? I’d had a few conversations with people who thought that the need for a sales training is greater than need to get that manifesto done. And I almost went there.

Here’s why I’m sticking with the manifesto. Without a clear message you will not master sales nor have successful marketing activities. Doing the manifesto work gives you clarity, confidence, and a better understanding of whom you serve. From there you can take on the world.

How To Take Your Business To The Top With 7 Tips

Turning into successful entrepreneurs don’t happen overnight or by accident. There are certain traits in a person that helps you get to the top if you are new to a business or trying to bear your active business.

Here are some ideas on how to take your business to the next level:

Aim For Quality

Continuously center around quality: you can never turn out badly with it. Regardless of how hard it is, the nature of your administration or item would create comes about after some time. Try not to be anxious; great quality requires some lousy energy, however, would last more and manufacture your image honesty.

Take Breaks

It is essential to dependably take a break from your business every so often to rest. It allows your brain to rest, recover and take a gander at things and thoughts from another and more gainful edge.

Take some season of the business once in a while. Regardless of whether not figure out how to pull back a bit.

Be A Leader

Being a pioneer isn’t just about being the head or being the manager, you need to lead and summon regard. On the off chance that you need the general population around you to give thoughts, you have to show others how it’s done by conveying a lot of ideas to the table. It isn’t just about providing strict requests or managing to the general population around you. It’s tied in with showing others how it’s done. Regard is more convincing than fear in building a business.

Be Organized

Being sorted out goes far in boosting your possibilities in business. Efficient encompassing rises above past the physical and into the brain too. Along these lines, if your encompassing is disordered, your psyche and a mind that isn’t sorted out won’t work adequately.

Continuously Wake Up Early

There is a considerable measure of advantages connected to awakening right on time rather than observing late night motion pictures and renewal late. When you wake up ahead of schedule, your brain will be usually more profitable around then, and you will be prepared to conquer the world. You will have abundant time to design your day by day exercises and set yourself up to confront the day both physically and rationally.

Always Keep Your Promise

Respected guarantees fabricate honesty, and every fruitful business is based on uprightness and satisfied guarantees. Everyone can make a warranty, however not every person can keep a guarantee since keeping a guarantee takes a decent character. As a client, would you work with somebody that stays faithful to their obligations regardless of how little or somebody who does not? Am sure you incline toward the previous.

Give Your Failure A Chance To Spur You

You have to figure out how to be driven by your disappointment and not be humiliated into surrendering. If you rapidly quit at whatever point you come up short or face a test, at that point you can’t make it in business. It is typical to be terrified when you confront a significant test, yet what you do about that dread is dependent upon you. Try not to give the terror a chance to win. Make a couple of strides back and confront the test with all that you have. Notwithstanding when it doesn’t work out, continue attempting till you get your enormous break. You can approach experienced individuals for appeal when you are bewildered.

Why Is Digital Marketing Essential For Restaurants?

A restaurant is a booming business, and it can give you more business when it is marketed implementing innovative marketing strategies – Digital Marketing. Restaurant and digital marketing? Sounds surprising? You must be wondering how implementing digital marketing can help your restaurant business grow. Gone are the days where businesses used traditional marketing techniques in promoting their brand.

In this digital era; businesses have started adopting various online marketing services to promote and increase their sales. It has been so far successful and one of the most cost-effective ways when compared to the traditional marketing.

Nowadays; customers access restaurant information online furthermore; they do take interest in checking the ambience, menus and the customer service ratings. To compete you’re your rivals, to grow your customer base and have the wider presence it is essential to implement various Internet marketing strategies and techniques for your restaurant. It will help you with:

1. It helps develop the brand identity

Your restaurant speaks about your brand. Implementing various digital marketing techniques such as every day social media posting, leveraging Facebook ads, putting up blogs on the website can certainly lure the customers in building a loyal customer base. And, this is how it helps in maintaining the brand identity and credibility.

2. It helps you reach more customers

Your majority of the customers are on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter etc. Implementing online marketing techniques like social media posting on Facebook, Tweeting on Twitter or putting your restaurant pictures on Instagram with small stories can help you reach a wider customer base. Furthermore; it let you be in constant touch through various social media platforms. Engaging your customers through social media which is one form of advertising can help your restaurant name reach more customers.

3. It help improves customer service

Customers who quoted bad reviews; needed more info or just curious to know more on menu side can be easily handled by providing real-time response. This conveys that you care for your customers and their reviews matter which leaves a positive impact on your restaurant business.

4. It lets you beat your rival

With the availability of social media platforms, it has become easier to know about your competitors and their offerings. Digital marketing campaigns will help you leverage your restaurant brand helping in boosting your online presence. This keeps you abreast of your rivals.

5. It increases web traffic

To get more traffic is the most crucial thing for any business and restaurant is no surprise. There are ways to increases your restaurant website traffic such as engaging customers online, live chats, posting videos/photos, offering special discounts and offers and so on. Not only it increases web traffic but, let your customer show how passionate you are about your restaurant.

Digital marketing campaigns have all those potentials to get your restaurant up and running. Leveraging it through the right Internet marketing company can work wonders in boosting online presence and profits.

Grow Your Online Business by Improving the Conversion Rate of Your Website

Many brands today employ various digital marketing tactics that help in getting additional traffic to the website. While getting additional traffic to the website is a good goal to have, to generate brand awareness and increase conversions, businesses would benefit greatly from increasing the conversion rate on their website. As they can then immediately start taking advantage of the traffic that is already coming to their site.

Here are 4 ways in which the conversion rate of your website can be improved:

1. Manage and Improve Website Page Load Speed

One of the easiest ways to have an immediate impact on your website conversion rate would be to increase the page load speed of the pages on your website. People have become increasingly impatient in the digital age and want access to information at their fingertips.

Once they see that the website is taking time to load, they would rather abandon the current session and try searching for an alternate website to finish their task. This is not desirable as it offers a bad experience to the end-user and reduces the overall conversion rate of the website making it ineffective.

Google recently released data on how page load time affects the bounce rate:

Increased bounce rate on account of page load speed leads to fewer conversions.

Fan improvement of 1 second in the page load speed improves conversions by 7%.

Diagnose your website with the free Google Page Speed Insights tool and follow the recommendations to optimize your website page load speed.

2. Use Videos on your landing pages or website

It is predicted that video will account for 70% of the mobile traffic by 2021. All content platforms are integrating video into their content as it offers the highest engagement and brand recall compared to any other media format.

A simple product video explaining the benefits and features of the product can go a long way in engaging the user, brand retention and improving the conversion rate.

Due to On-demand video being readily available, users today prefer watching videos over reading text. People like experiences which go straight to the point and a video helps in achieving that. Watching a video explaining the product or service is easier to understand than reading about it which increases the engagement and ultimately leads to a higher conversion rate.

3. Optimize for Mobile Devices and include Multiple Payment Options

Majority of the traffic is on mobile now and not optimizing your website for mobile would result in risking a lot of potential conversions and customers.

People carry a mobile device all the time and use it as and when the need arises on the go. Hence, it is extremely important to have an optimized presence on a mobile device as the intent is more immediate. Consumers use mobile devices either at the discovery, research or purchase stages of a product they are interested in.

Hence, an optimized mobile experience is critical to improve user engagement, get repeat visitors and enable the purchase. All of which again helps drive conversions and improve the overall conversion rate of the website

4. Make It Easy For Your Website Visitors to Find, Browse and Buy

The key objective of any website design should be to make it very simple and easy for visitors and potential buyers to find what they are looking for and also buy the product or service.

The website design is crucial to providing users with a good user experience. Providing a good Search Experience, having the right category structure, having relevant URL’s for all website pages and importantly having a short and simple payment process are all important elements of a good user experience.

Apart from having a mobile responsive website, integrating with mobile-friendly payment options such as a Mobile Wallet etc. is highly recommended as it helps to make the final purchase step frictionless resulting in a higher conversion rate.